How to Clean your Pocket Multi tool Like Pro – Easy Steps

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How to Clean your Pocket Multi tool Like Pro – Easy Steps
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pocket multi tool is the very essential device for your day to day life. Typically, Pocket multi tool is the equipment combine with many separate tools like knife, pliers, nail file, folding scissors, screwdriver bits, bottle opener, can opener, & others. So, People are using pocket multi tool at least once per day. So, multi tool is the equipment that we need to maintain or clean at least once per week. Other wise it can be worse.

It is not a difficult task to clean your pocket multi tool in home. Regularly, I am doing following steps to clean my pocket multi tool. However, I am not recommend to disassemble multi tool when cleaning. Because, Regular disassembly may damage your multi tool.

1: Dry your multi tool and Clean using Compress air as a first step

Drying is very important factor to clean pocket knife from compress air. Because, Under wet condition it is very difficult to remove small rubbish / dust / lint other contaminants from the multi tool. This can be done by using compress air and heat gun. Compress air has a ability to clean every part of the multi tool very difficult to reach easily.

2: Wash your Multi tool Using Soapy water

Idea of the this step is remove any remain sticky lint, dust, and other particles from the multi tool. Normally, Pivot and locking system are the main places that you need to focus. Because, Those places may be oily and remain more sticky dust and lint.  This can be done by using smooth soapy sponge, q-tips or tooth brush. Patient is must for this type of job. So, Don’t hurry and take your time.

Warning ! – Don’t use any abrasive things to clean your multi tool. Because, Abrasive things may be damage your multi tool.

3: If any dirt remain on the multi tool

Check your multi tool thoroughly after wash.  If you see any rust remain on your pocket multi tool, You can use few drop of alcohol to clean those parts completely.

Tip – Use q-tip as a tool to clean your multi tool from alcohol

4: Completely dry your multi tool

This is very important step after wash multi tool. Otherwise, moisture may harmful to your multi tool.

5: Remove Corrosion or rust

Mainly, Multi tool made by stainless steel. But, I seen many times, some rust on my multi tool. However, My recommendation is remove those rust as soon as possible. To remove those kind of rust, You can use some rust remover like Rust Eraser and Metal Glo.

Tip – To remove rust, you can apply above products on the affected area on the multi tools and smoothly rub using q-tip.

6: Apply oil to multi tool ( Lubrication )

This is one of the very important and essential activity after clean your multi tool. Because, Pocket multi tool has lot of moving parts like pivots, locking systems..etc. Those parts need a oily condition for smooth moving without damage your multi tool.

However, You need to careful about those oil with your multi tool usage. For an example, If you use your multi tool for preparing foods, It is essential to use food grade mineral oil . Otherwise, You can use another oil like Break-Free CLP.