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Lots Of Spirit, Not Enough Result

Everywhere you go, it seems some person with a can of spray paint has decided to “upgrade” their vehicle. They’ve squirted some design on there, maybe painted a sub-par picture, or striped the thing. Whatever they’ve done, they like it; and the rest of the community rolls their eyes whenever that vehicle drives by.

volkswagen Car Wrap

There is a certain onus which is palpable on projects that are completed in a way not fully professional. It’s easy to tell that someone has rolled up their shirtsleeves and approached the problem. While they may be satisfied with their fix, it doesn’t mean the community is.

Additionally, subpar solutions over time have a propensity to lower the integrity of a vehicle. A car with a paint-job by an owner who doesn’t know what he or she is doing will drop like a rock, as far as resale value is concerned. And, it won’t be as stable. Even with the right paints correctly applied, it’s likely that without oversight, errors will gradually become more palpable.

Things You Can Do On Your Own

It’s certainly possible to apply certain “wrap” advertisements on your own; the thing is, you’re going to be limited in what you can accomplish. You won’t be able to do any stellar, top-tier graphics. You won’t be able to get every bit of the vehicle covered, either; not unless you invest in some serious equipment, and at that juncture, what’s the point?

Realistically, you’ll likely be limited to several graphics on the windows of your vehicle. Oftentimes the only real option is “text” arrangements; the name of your business, a logo, and a phone number or e-mail address where said business can be located.

These text arrangements will probably come through the purchase of decals designed to stick on vehicles. Some are even designed to come off after they’ve been applied, which is admittedly a slight advantage; but there’s a limit to their visibility and attractiveness. People aren’t as likely to notice a bit of text as they are to notice a well-done wrap.

Going the Wrap Route

There are quite a few wrap agencies out there that you can choose from. You’re going to want one that does all the work in-house. Some agencies merely commission jobs, take a fee off the top, then send you to a group that would have done the same thing for you without the need for any middle man. Watch out for, and avoid, such agencies.

Instead, consider a group like ProWraps. ProWraps installs car wraps with skill; according to their site: “detailed knowledge of graphic design enables us to faithfully reproduce your logo and

graphics in wrap form, allowing you to effectively promote your organization on the go.”

It’s not just about having the equipment, relaxed focus, or knowing how to use it. Graphic design over a three-dimensional medium, like a car, requires certain mathematical and software agency. The right group will know how to get the picture you want on the vehicle you want without sacrificing quality.

There are quite a few vehicles that can be wrapped. Busses, vans, sports-cars, work trucks—you name it. Each will have its own challenges when a new project is approached. After you’ve chosen which vehicles from your fleet should get the wrap treatment, be sure to choose an agency that is able to handle any of them.

Securing Your New Solution

racing-car wrap

Wraps are exceptionally visible and provide perpetual advertisement advantage throughout diverse markets, and in an organic way: where you travel, eyes follow. So get yours done with a group you can trust, who isn’t functioning as a middle-man, and who has the requisite skill in graphic design.

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