E15 Electric Folding Scooter For Adults and Kids

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E15 Electric Folding Scooter For Adults and Kids
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Everyone like to ride scooter in their leisure time. According to my experience, It is great habit for the relaxing your mind also. If you have a scooter already, you know about that amazing experience. However, If you have not that kind of experience, I recommended to buy this scooter for great fun .

Normally, Scooters are running  with gasoline. But, Those scooters are very noisy and not environmental friendly. So, Always, Good to buy electric scooters. Those are environmental friendly, smooth and low noise.

E15 Electric Folding Scooter is the one of the great selections for scooter lovers. It comes with lot of great features that you like.

E15 eByke is the handy electric folding scooter suitable for both adults and kids. It has great stylish looking and fit for any age persons.

E15 eByke - Electric Folding ScooterNormally, E15 electric folding scooter can go up to 20 mils per one charge. Also, It has ability to go 15 miles Per hour speed. You can fully charge this electric scooter withing three to five hours.

E15 electric folding scooter comes with LED headlight set. So, You can use this scooter for night riding also. No need to worry about the safety of breaks in this scooter. Because, Its front and rear wheels comes with disk break system. The E15 scooter can only start with the keyless alarm which also includes a panic button. Turn off the power and set the alarm and you’re all set.

This is not a traditional scooter. Scooter dashboard show us every information that we need such as scooter Speed, Battery Life, Cruise Mode, Mileage, USB Phone Charger and Temperature.

If you are music lover, E15 electric scooter is the best option to listen music while riding. Because, It has ability to connect automatically with your smartphone via Bluetooth. Then, you can listen music from builtin speaker on the scooter. Also, Scooter allow to  you charge your smartphone or any device while driving.

Portability is the specialty of this electric scooter. Also, As the name of this electric scooter, It has folding ability. This is very important feature to us because we can carry this electric scooter anywhere in car, RV, boat, bus or train.  You can fold up this electric scooter in seconds. This scooter frame made in light weight but tough aluminum. Its weight only 40lbs. So, Transportation of the E15 scooter is not difficult thing.

Key Features Of the E15 Electric Folding Scooter:

  • eByke electric bike is a super cool, modern, and sleek electric scooter that will be sure turn a lot of heads
  • Great for city commuting, the urban commuter electric bike has a 22-25 mile avg. range, 15 mph speed, and only 3-5 hours to charge. Perfect “last mile” solution for city transportation
  • eByke is a folding electric bike/scooter so that it is super easy to lift, fold, & take anywhere you need; it can be conveniently stored in a car, car trunk, RV, boat, classroom, Uber, bus, or train
  • The eByke electric scooter for adults or kids has great features: Bluetooth speaker, USB Charger, front light, Remote (Start/Alarm/Panic Button), horn, front & rear disc brakes, cruise mode, LED display dashboard screen that shows speed, battery level, mileage, phone charge, headlight, & temperature range
  • Load capacity of 260 lbs.; compact measurements of only 48”X 22“X11”; a durable but very light aluminum frame of 40 lbs; the electric Brushless 240w 36V motor will easily whip you around town

Then, Why still wait to get your own eByke with great discount