Top Five Reasons To Buy Apple iWatch

Top Reason To Buy Apple iWatch
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Smartwatch use to not only to see the time but also to do some other works such as listen music, online Payments, tracking location, playing a game, calculation, to know news, to get call, surf internet, Facebook….etc. Actually, Smartwatch is the multi task device.

Few years ago Smartwatch is the most expensive gadget. Also, People are not much like to change their traditional watch. So, Only few people interested to buy smartwatches those days. Time is change now, Technology is flying very fast. Now days people are thinking to buy new gadgets and stuff to easy their lifestyle.

There are lot smartwatch brands. Some are very popular and some are not, Some are price is high and some are cheap. I think, Smartwatch is the one of the gadgets people adopted slowly. But things are changed now.

Still People have lot of questions before take a decision to buy smartwatch. There are lot of smartwatch brands and models in the market. But, Apple iWatch is the special smartwatch to me. In this article I hope to give great reasons to buy Apple iWatch.

Apple Inc. is the one of the very famous companies in the world. They are manufacturing high quality and high tech gears to world such as computers, smartphones, smartwatches, TV’s, iPad,…etc. Apple started to produce

#1: Apple is the one of the most famous brand names in the world

Apple is the one of the most famous brand names in the world

Apple Inc. is the world famous company. They are manufacturing world famous iMac, MacBook Laptops, iPhones, iPads, TVs…etc. So, We are know about their products quality and specialty.  Therefore, My first reason is to buy Apple iWatch is its popularity.

#2: Apple Watch is the Piece of fashionable tech gadget

Apple iWatch models

Apple iWatch is the well design smartwatch. It has great design and shape. Very suitable for wearing any  occasions. You can buy Apple iWatch in various types of materials and belts.

Apple Watch Sport Apple Watch Edition and Apple Watch Hermes

There are four types of Apple iWatch models. Those are Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch, Apple Watch Edition, and Apple Watch Hermès. You can select your watch as you wish.

#3: Apple iWatch has the lot of amazing features that you love

Apple iWatch has the lot of amazing features that you love

Apple iWatch is the high tech gadget. It has lot of unique features that you cant find other smartwatch. Normally, Every smartwatch models support to calling, texting, chating. In here, I am not trying to tell you about those common features. Here is the unique features of Apple Watch that I prefer to buy Apple Watch.

  • Apple Watch comes in two sizes retina touch displays ( 1.5 inch and 1.7 inch )
  • Novel Digital Crown ( This is help to comfortably handle Apple Watch )
  • Apple iWatch help us to track fitness and health conditions ( We can us as fitness tracker )
  • We can use Apple iWatch as Remote Controller ( To select music on your iPhone, navigate Apple TV menu, changing the profile modes on iPhone, Turn on and off the smart lights in home…etc. )
  • Apple Pay function ( This is help to do payments through Apple Watch )
  • Apple Watch digital touch feature
  • Siri ( Siri is the the voice controlled assistant help us to do more works without touch the screen )

#4: I have Apple iPhone 6 Plus

Apple iWatch and Apple iPhone 6

This is the biggest reason to me buy Apple iWatch. Normally, I like to keep my hands free when I am working. Apple iWatch is the best solution for it. It is help me to see the notifications from WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter or iMessage on my wrist instantly without touching my iPhone. This is amazing feature of Apple iWatch that I love.

#5: This is the future of Wearable Gadgets

Technology is growing very quickly within last ten years. Actually, Ten years before some of the things we are doing these days are dreams. As a example, Now a days people can do lot of activities such as tracking, payments, calling, chating, learning, communication through tiny smartwatch. So, We need to adopt for these technology changes. This is my other reason change my mind to buy Apple iWatch.

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