New Best Wireless RV Camera Systems 2019 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Best Wireless RV Camera Systems
New Best Wireless RV Camera Systems 2019 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews
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Rear View or RV camera system help us to view rear side of the vehicle while reverse it. So, This is help us to do more safe reverse. Normally, New modern vehicle comes with built in RV camera system. But, old vehicles has not RV camera system.

Then, If you have old type of vehicle, This article might be help to you to add best Wireless RV Camera System.

Take a look our quick comparison of Best Wireless RV Camera Systems in 2019

Name DimensionDispalyRangeNight VisionBest Price On Amazon
#1:Furrion FOS48TAPK-BL - Editor's Choice 12.5"x2"x3.1"4.3" TFT LCD100ftYes
#2:4Ucam Digital11"x10.7"x 4.1" 7" TFT LCD50ftYes
#3:Rear View Safety8"x9"x9"7" TFT LCD50ftYes
#4:Auto-Vox Digital10.9"x7.5"x3.4"7" TFT LCD100ftYes
RV Backup
11"x8.3"x5.2"7" TFT LCD350ftYes
#6:eRapta Digital6.7"x0.8"x4.3"7" TFT LCD100ftYes
#7:Rear View Safety RVS-77061411"x9"x9"7" TFT LCD50ftYes
#8:Tadibrothers-7" TFT LCD50ftYes
#9:Voyager WVOS5415"x5"x5"5.6" TFT LCD50ftYes
#10:Voyager WVOS7133.4”x1.7”x1.7”7" TFT LCD60ftYes

We kept Furrion wireless backup camera in number one position in this list. Because, it comes with very worthy features that you couldn’t  find other rv backup cameras.

Best Wireless RV Camera Systems 2019

#1: Furrion FOS48TAPK-BL Wireless High-Speed RV Observation System with Mounting Bracket

Furrion FOS48TAPK-BL Wireless High-Speed RV Observation System

The Furrion’s wireless observation system allows to check behind the RV and reduces the blind spots. Also this observation system will use for digital transmission to transmit images to full color, 4.3 inches display up to 100 feet away. The camera is an infrared LEDs enclosed water proof camera for night vision. The improved CPU streams quality videos at high speeds. To simplify the setup camera is built into transmitter. Even in most extreme climates, climate smart keeps GPS running. The infrared wide angle lens camera digitally locks to the 4.3 inches LCD color display and output faultless video transfer for specialty vehicles up to 100 feet length. This product includes vibration mart and this helps to resist vibration.  Included suction cup mount to secure 4-5/16 inches full- color LCD monitor windshield or dash. To view easily the water proof camera can be adjusted and shaded design helps to reduce glare.  From the drivers viewpoint mirror image is displayed for an accurate view. The antenna of this camera lets the signal from wide angles. Also this product includes mounting brackets for easy installation.


  • High quality videos even at high speeds.
  • Vibration smart helps GPS to resist vibration
  • Brightness, color, contrast, and image orientation can be easy adjusted
  • Antenna lets the signal transfer longer distances
  • Suitable for extreme climates
  • 4.3″ multi function LCD color display
  • Digital wireless technology for specialty vehicles up to 100ft


  • Work with only one camera
  • Not support Audio

#2: 4Ucam Digital Wireless Camera

4Ucam Digital Wireless Camera

This is a commercial grade wireless backup camera comes with handy 7 inch TFT LCD widescreen monitor. It can generate crystal clear quality pictures than you expect level. Unit provides wireless digital video signal and Wireless digital signal will not have interference and statics problem. Its installation is very easy only thing you need to do just plug in your vehicle cigarette lighter port. There is great connection between wireless RV camera and the monitor. You can inspect signal strength via camera signal bar information. A removable external antenna for the monitor allows for better reception for long range signals. You can adjust the monitor direction easily and camera offers image rotation & mirror and non- mirror settings. There is a full RCA A/V output allows you to output image to bigger screen. The camera of this system comes with heavy duty metal frame and water proof ability. Also, RV wireless camera comes with high powered 11 IR LEDs for 20 feet night vision in night driving. This camera uses SONY 1/4″ high-resolution CCD and removable external antenna support 300 feet long range signal transmission capability. 4Ucam wireless RV camera design to endure in any type of hard conditions.


  • No need additional wiring – Just plug into cigarette lighter, No additional wireless receiver hanging on your dashboard, Easy Installation
  • Crystal Clear Pictures
  • Removable Long range antenna for wide range of signal.
  • Camera wireless signal bar provide your information on the signal strength.
  • Digital Wireless Back-Up Camera System, zero Interference, zero statics, total crystal clear picture guaranty.
  • Night Vision Capability
  • High durability design


  • No Audio
  • Not Support multi frequency signals

#3:Rear View Safety Backup Camera System (RVS-770613) with 7″ Display

Rear View Safety Backup Camera System

This wireless RV camera system comes with 1 inches LED digital panel, 130 degrees ultra wide viewing angle and 18 infrared lights. This camera has ability to get videos 50 ft of night vision. The rear view camera is water resistant and consistent.  This wireless RV  backup camera is inclusive with a crystal clear LED digital panel monitor along with distance grid lines with mirror image potential, a 3 channel multiplexer along with automatic system switch, a 130° SHARP® CCD backup camera with 50 foot infra-red night vision with all the wires, connectors and mounts you need. To view videos in larger screen A 3- Channel multiplexer let you to connect with 3 or 2 cameras and a DVD player. Further includes a built in speaker, removable sunshade, auto dimming and black-lit buttons. Also, the backup camera system is IP69K-rated weather- resistant to use outdoor, shock proof, and 20 g / 100 g vibration- and impact-rated in case of bumpy roads or a collision.


  • 130° Ultra wide Angle Videos
  • Night Vision capabilty
  • Completely Waterproof Camera – IP69K
  • Built with Mic and Speakers for Audio
  • 3 Channel Multiplexer – Supports additional cameras


  • Signal issues in different weather conditions

#4: Auto-Vox Digital Wireless Backup Camera System with 7″ HD Rear view Monitor

Auto-Vox Digital Wireless Backup Camera System

This wireless RV camera system is most suitable for the gigantic vehicles such trucks, trailers, Excavator, Cement Truck, Farm Tractor, Heavy Truck etc. We can save time while installing this system since this is easy to install and no any extra long connecting cables which confuses us. No need to find different brackets, simply can attach the mirror to the existing one. Also no need to make holes can hide the brackets behind the license plate. Further to environment light strength 6 high brightness LEDs will automatically turn on and off. Can experience superior night vision with this camera and easy to drive on rainy days with the IP68 water-resistant standard. No any intrusion with other wireless devices, In open areas ensures constant and high resolution images with 100m acceptance range. Also this includes an auto adjusting brightness 4.3 inches LCD monitor display. You can charge monitor with your car battery. You can charge by just plugging the car charger to the cigarette lighter of the car. 18 IR lamps 1/3-inch color SONY CCD camera with 120 degrees lens angle and 8M night vision range gives you safer driving experience in the day and night.


  • Amazing Rear View Camera.
  • Wireless Design for DIY Easy Installation
  • Original equipment look.
  • No issues like dazzling or glaring.
  • No need to charge your monitor separately:
  • Offers two channels. Therefore, you can add another camera if you want.


  • Signal issues in different weather conditions

#5: Veise Rear View Backup Camera System

Rear View Backup Camera System

With this Veise RV wireless camera system you can experience clear sharp display in day and night conditions with the 7 inches wireless full color LCD TFT Screen monitor. Abolish blind spots on prot harbor crane, tower crane, Container stacker crane 130 degree digital wireless water resistant IR camera along with 18 infra LEDs to illuminate the cameras view for crusty with split view digital wireless water resistant IR camera system. This wireless RV Camera system ideal for Excavator, Cement Truck, Farm Tractor, Trailer, 5th Wheel, Rv Camper, Heavy Truck. Also, the baby monitor of 7 inch 16:9 tft lcd widescreen car rear view monitor mirror which designed with a touch button with 480(w)x 234(h) screen resolution, This system has two ways of video output with car and automobile rear view display monitor, as the vision solutions for the forklifts designed the rear view backup camera system. This wireless RV camera system support 100ft long distance without interrupt.


  • Clear sharp quality pictures
  • Bracket system
  • Night vision capability
  • Removable antenna
  • Waterproof and Shockproof Camera
  • Easy to install


  • Not support to audio

#6: eRapta 2018 Digital Wireless Backup Camera

eRapta 2018 Digital Wireless Backup Camera

This new wireless rear view backup camera offers much stable signal compare with others. It features RV monitor system with update night vision camera : IP69K Waterproof Camera With 28 Infrared Lights. This rear view back up camera is designed for farm tractors digital water resistant for agriculture, freight, RV, municipal waste and trailers.


  • No issues like dazzling or glaring.
  • High quality videos even at high speeds.
  • 2 Years warrenty


  • Support Only Two Cameras
  • Not support audio

#7: Rear View Safety RVS-770614 Video Camera with 7-Inch LCD

Rear View Safety RVS-770614 Video Camera

This RV wireless camera system come with 7 inches LED digital panel color monitor with the distance grid lines along with the mirror image capacity includes completely. Also this camera is is strong, reliable, fully water resistant, shock proof along with a 20G vibration rating as highest in the industry. Also this system comes with a full year warranty. Split screen is an option of the system is system could upgrade to the Quad view monitor. The TFT digital LCD color monitor is with more options and you can adjust it as you wish. This do not contain built in speakers and auto dimming. This includes a wireless remote to control the use of two channels with automatic system switch. There are two external rear color cameras and two backup cameras. These cameras have a viewing angle 130 degrees. These cameras are built in lights. Therefore, this is not only for viewing , you too can hear the noises.


  • Backup Camera System with Two Cameras
  • 130° Ultra Wide Viewing Angle
  • Waterproof Backup Cameras with Infra-Red Night Vision
  • 3 Channel Multiplexer – Supports Additional Camera
  • Comes with your trailer/tow quick connect, disconnect kit
  • Very easy to install


  • No recording option

#8: Tadibrothers 7 Inch Monitor and two Wireless 120 Degree Mounted RV Backup Cameras (RV Backup System)

Tadibrothers 7 Inch Monitor and two Wireless 120 Degree Mounted RV Backup Cameras (RV Backup System)

This RV camera system comes with very light and thin 7 inch LCD monitor. Further, It contains four video inputs hence, you can connect with multiple cameras, game system or with DVD player. When the screen is on, you will get the option for viewing one camera or all four in a split screen. This can mount on your dashboard and mounts are included with an easy installation. These quality cameras get rid of the uncertainty from blind spots. Now, you can safely and confidently back up a large RV, change lanes, and see a full 120° behind and to the side of your vehicle. The camera can be wired to the reverse light, an area light, anything that has power will be 12V.


  • Wireless Backup Camera that Works up to 50ft
  • Color LCD Monitor
  • Night vision
  • Weatherproof and shock resistant design
  • Remote Control
  • Easy to Install
  • Can Connect up to 4 cameras
  • Easy to change between cameras as well


  • Not support audio

#9: Voyager WVOS541 four Camera Enabled Digital Wireless Observation System with 5.6″ color LCD monitor

Voyager WVOS541 four Camera Enabled Digital Wireless Observation System

This is the best-selling and performing digital wireless observation system by Voyager has broken the mold once again with the WVOS541. ASA Electronics has developed new features to allow pairing of up to four wireless cameras using WiSight technology. The only system trusted to work at freeway speeds, this kit is versatile for drivers of any large trailer vehicles. Voyager WVOS541 Four Camera facilitated with Digital Wireless Back-Up Observation System with 5.6″ color LCD monitor. Also, connect up to 4 wireless cameras and 1 wired camera and Build-In Microphone, 960 x 234 Resolution.


  • Four Cameras enabled Digital Wireless Observation System.
  • Capable of connecting up to four wireless cameras.
  • Easy installation
  • Strong Signal


  • Not support audio

#10: Voyager WVOS713 7″ Digital Wireless Observation System

Voyager WVOS713 7" Digital Wireless Observation System

Voyager’s 7″ Digital Wireless Observation System featuring WiSight technology far exceeds the performance of any analog wireless observation system on the market. WiSight technology digitally locks the Voyager camera to its monitor so it only communicates with that monitor, ignoring outside signals and eliminating interference. WiSight technology is strong enough to travel through and around objects and works on vehicles 60+ feet in length, a significantly longer distance than wireless analog systems. WiSight technology delivers a sharp, vivid picture of the vehicle’s surroundings to the 7” color LCD monitor. A suction cup mount and 12-volt DC power plug for the monitor make this system easily portable among towing vehicles.


  • High quality images
  • WiSight technology
  • Easy Installtion
  • Excellent low light and high bright environment performance


  • Little bit heavy

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