Best Trailer Brake Controller Reviews 2018

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Best Trailer Brake Controller Reviews 2018
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Are you looking into buy trailer brake controller? Then, This guide will help you to choose best trailer brake controller.

If you are towing a trailer, You know the difficulty of control it. Sometimes, It is very risky and fall your life in danger. But, We can’t stop use trailers when transport goods.  So, Only thing you have to do fix electronic trailer break controller to your truck and trailer unit.  It can save your life and vehicle when tow.

We knew in our experience, It takes huge power to stop a moving trailer. Specially, Trailer is hauling heavy loads.  Normally, Trailer manufactures install brake systems in their trailers. But, It is necessary to install electric trailer brake controller system separately to stop such a huge loads quickly, efficiently and smoothly.

what is a trailer brake controller?

This is small and compact electronic device. Electronic break controller send the signal to trailer’s break system to stop when driver pushes a break paddle. Generally, It installs under the dash board area of your truck for easy accessibility and monitoring notification and alerts.

What is the importance of trailer break controller?

When you are towing a trailer with so many goods, You have limited control of trailer. Definitely, Trailer breaking system has huge load and very difficult to control. So, It is necessary to adding electric brakes to trailer. Mainly, trailer break controller gives fully control of trailer breaking system. Also, It decrease the load on the trailer breaking system.

What are the main types of trailer break controller?

There are two main types of trailer break controllers. One is proportional break controllers. Other one is time-delayed brake controllers. Both types of break controllers are very popular and suitable for any types of vehicles for tow trailers.

TOP 10 Best Trailer Brake Controller 2018:

#1: Tekonsha 90195 P3 Electronic Brake Control

Tekonsha 90195 P3 Electronic trailer Brake ControllerTekonsha p3 is one of the best trailer brake controller in the market. It is compact and very easy to install. This is a proportional brake controller and included many interesting features. Its LCD display provide all the required data to easily control your trailer. It has alert system to inform to driver warning situations very quickly. Tekonsha p3 brake controller supports three languages including English, French or Spanish.

Key Features:

  • LCD display with multiple screen color options
  • Storable setting options for pulling different trailers or preferences of multiple drivers
  • Up Front controls for easy access to all features
  • Boost feature allows for different levels of customized braking
  • Easy to understand diagnostics
  • Flashing red warning system
  • Support three different languages
  • Integrated Plug-N-Play port for 2-plug adapters
  • Electric trailer brake control for up to 4 braking axles

#2: Tekonsha 90250 Prodigy RF Electronic Brake Control

Tekonsha 90250 Prodigy RF Electronic trailer Brake Controller
Tekonsha Prodigy RF is a wireless brake controller for 1 to 3 axle trailers. So, no need additional dash board wiring for connect this to your truck.  It is very easy to control from hand held remote. The original Boost feature allows for different levels of customized braking. System runs continual diagnostics and displays fault codes in hand held units display. This can be power up from standard 12-volt power adapter in your vehicle.

Key Features:

  • Wireless communication
  • Proportional braking, forward and reverse, no level adjustment necessary
  • Hand held control unit for tow vehicle
  • Trailer Power Module on the Trailer
  • Original Boost feature for different levels of customized braking
  • Trailer braking power supplied via 7-Way Connector from the vehicle
  • Very easy to install
  • 5 Years Warranty

#3: Hayes G2 Brake Boss Brake Control

Hayes G2 Brake Boss trailer Brake Controller

Hayes G2 Brake Boss trailer brake controller is a great device for tow the trailers safely. Its audible signal alert for connection continuity is a market-exclusive feature that makes for safer braking. Hayes G2 provide fully protection in emergency stopping situation of your trailer.

The three-axis accelerometer technology automatically levels and senses the rate of deceleration. The G2’s large, high-resolution diagnostic liquid crystal panel is recessed to eliminate glare. This easy-to-read digital display indicates the amount of power being sent to the trailer brakes and allows adjustment in three modes (percent of power, voltage, and current). This advanced controller has a “power boost feature” which gives you the ability to apply more initial braking power when towing heavier trailers.

Key Features:

  • Audible signal alert for connection continuity for safe braking
  • Large, high-resolution diagnostic liquid crystal display panel, shielded from glare
  • Quick-Connect mated OEM harness makes installation a snap
  • Easy to adjust gain control for smooth stopping.
  • Power boost memory feature
  • For use with electric and electric over hydraulic braking systems

#4: Tekonsha 90160 Primus IQ Electronic Brake Control

Tekonsha 90160 Primus IQ Electronic trailer Brake Controller

Tekonsha 90160 Primus IQ is a proportional electric brake controller for towing trailers. If you use this trailer Brake Controller, You do not need to level adjustment manually. Because, PrimusIQ is self-leveling. Utilizing the primary sensor technology from Prodigy, the PrimusIQ now includes the Boost feature that gives users the ability to apply more initial trailer braking when towing heavier trailers. It works proportionally in reverse for backing into tough spots and includes a snap-in dash mounting clip and removable electrical connector that allows the unit to be quickly stored when not in use. You will appreciate the digital readout depicting a secure electrical connection, amount of voltage delivery to the trailer brakes and diagnostic features incorporated in the LED display.

Key Features:

  • Utilizes Plug-N-Play port for 2-plug adapters
  • Self-diagnostics features will illuminate LED readout when issues occur
  • Works proportionally in reverse
  • Includes a Boost feature
  • Snap-in dash mounting clip and hardware included

#5: Tekonsha 90885 Prodigy P2 Electronic Brake Control

Tekonsha 90885 Prodigy P2 Electronic trailer Brake Controller

Tekonsha Prodigy P2 comes with reverse battery protection for both vehicle and breakaway. You do not need level adjustment because Prodigy P2 do it itself. This trailer brake controller built for work with electric over hydraulic brake systems. Its boost feature gives drivers the ability to apply more initial trailer braking power when towing heavier trailers. This is great for backing into tough spots. Works proportionally in reverse with the ability to disable when not needed. There are numerous mounting options including 360 degree vertical rotation. Quick and easy disconnect feature allows user to remove and store the control when not in use.

Key Features:

  • Electric trailer brake control for up to 4 braking axles
  • Digital display
  • Produces stops that are in proportion to vehicles deceleration rate
  • Numerous mounting options
  • Quick and easy disconnect feature
  • Boost feature

#6: Reese Towpower 8507111 Brakeman IV Compact Brake Control

Reese Towpower 8507111 Brakeman IV Compact trailer Brake Controller

The Reese Towpower Brakeman IV digital brake control is designed to handle from one to four braking axles and includes a digital display. The digital display indicates the amount of voltage power being delivered to the brakes and assists in accurately adjusting the trailer brakes for city or highway driving. A separate easy push button adjustment controls (Output & Sync) allow for not only the different weights (Output) of trailers, but also the speed of activation (Sync) depending on your driving style.

Key Features:

  • Digital display output setting, sync setting, brake overload or short connection
  • Small compact design, mounts in any direction and no leveling is required
  • Can operate up to an 8 braking system
  • Advanced internal circuit protection
  • For use on 12 volt negative ground systems only

#7: CURT 51140 TriFlex Brake Control

CURT 51140 TriFlex trailer Brake Controller

This proportion-based brake control features a compact size, a digital display and the ability to manage up to eight brakes at a time. The feature that sets the TriFlex apart from all others is its triple-axis motion-sensing accelerometer. This integrated circuit component allows the TriFlex to detect every motion of your vehicle and trailer with exact precision and to then apply the perfect amount of braking power for every situation. The TriFlex also automatically adjusts brake output when going up or down a hill and is compatible with anti-lock brakes and cruise control.
It comes with a mounting bracket and hardware and can be mounted at various angles on your vehicle’s dash. Also, This CURT brake controller is designed to work with quick plugs so that they can readily plug into your vehicle’s original equipment socket.

Key Features:

  • Triple-axis, motion-sensing accelerometer for highly responsive, smooth stops
  • Third axis provides dynamic power adjustments when going up or down a hill
  • Nine levels of sensitivity adjustment for varying loads or driving conditions
  • User-selectable power output and trailer brake light activation
  • Automatic leveling and calibration eliminate setup requirements

#8: Hopkins 47284 Reliance Digital Electronic Brake Control with Plug-In Connector

Hopkins 47284 Reliance Digital Electronic trailer Brake Controller with Plug-In Connector

This Hopkins brake controller makes your towing experience more simpler and safer. This can be mounted at any angle and designed for use on any 12 volt negative ground system. Its LED display shows everything including percentage of braking power

Key Features:

  • Plug-in simple connection allows for quick installation and removal without cutting or splicing
  • Time based, with fully digital settings
  • Digital LED display
  • Intuitive, vertical manual slide matches the way a driver reaches for the control
  • Short proof protected with a 4 brake capacity
  • Standard 12 volt power

#9: Hopkins 47297 INSIGHT Brake Control

Hopkins 47297 INSIGHT trailer Brake Controller

Hopkins INSIGHT trailer brake controller built for trailers with electric or hydraulic brakes. It features advanced proportional technology that mirrors the braking of the tow vehicle for safe, smooth stops, and short-proof protection for up to 8 trailer brakes. With multiple mounting locations in your vehicle, the separate components mount where you want them, with no drilling required. Allows you to keep your eyes on the road, with controls in easy reach. Includes digital power and sensitivity settings.

Key Features:

  • Advanced brake technology
  • Works on trailers with electric or hydraulic brakes
  • Digital power and 7 sensitivity settings with intuitive vertical manual slide
  • Short proof protection for up to 8 trailer brakes
  • Simple installation

#10: CURT 51120 Discovery Brake Control

CURT 51120 Discovery trailer Brake Controller

Discovery is a time-based trailer brake controller, meaning it applies increasing brake pressure the longer your foot is on the brake pedal. This pressure is based on the gain setting and sensitivity adjustment set by the user. Discovery has a digital display for easy monitoring and the ability to manage up to four axles at a time. It mounts at any angle, anywhere in your vehicle and comes with an automatic power level adjustment feature to ensure you can stay better focused on your driving and spend less time worry about your trailer brakes. It is also compatible with anti-lock brakes, cruise control and is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Key Features:

  • Increases brake power based on gain setting and sensitivity adjustment
  • Operates 2-8 trailer brakes at a time (1-4 axles)
  • No internal moving parts and no leveling required
  • Digital display shows power adjustments in 0.1 increments
  • Mounts anywhere in the vehicle, at any angle