Walabot DIY Review – See everything behind walls !

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Walabot DIY Review – See everything behind walls !
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Sometimes finding a place to hang a picture on home wall is a problem. Because, We don’t know about the hidden things behind the wall. It may be electrical wire, water supply, stud, iron bar or something. Hammer a nail without knowing hidden things behind the wall that can be dangerous. Sometimes, You can face costly damage if it is water supply.

But, Walabot DIY bring the great solution for that problem. It is the sensor that can see everything behind the wall.

Walabot DIY

This amazing gadget works with any types of wall including concrete and support up to 4 inch thickness.

Walabot DIY comes as a small box type gadget. It is small, compact and portable. You can simply connect it to your smartphone to see the pictures behind the wall. It can sense even motion signals.

Walabot DIY

Are you an engineer, builder or maker? Then, trust me. Walabot is the life saving gadget for you. I believe every technical people must keep this amazing gadget in their tool bag.

What are the things that can able to detect Walabot DIY?

We can call it as stud finder. Because, Walabot can detect every wooden and metal Studs behind the wall. Also, walabot can detect every iron or plastic pipes, wires even any movement behind the scene. For an example, You can see the rat movements inside the wall.

How walabot sensor use?

This is exactly same size as the the your smartphone. You can simply attach it to your smartphone. Then keep it on the wall that you want to check. Keep it mind ! Currently, Walabot sensor works with android phones only.

After connect walabot DIY with your smartphone, It change your phone screen into a powerful 3D-imaging system. It shows three different types of images during inspection such as Pan mode, Image mode and Expert mode.

  • Pan mode – This mode shows panoramic view of a full wall line with distances.
  • Image mode – This mode shows visual classification of metalic and wooden studs, pipes, wires.
  • Expert mode – This mode shows raw signals from the Walabot sensor

What are the main usages of Walabot:

Walabot sensor is mainly use for prevent DIY disasters like hitting water pipes, electrical wires or missing studs. Also, We can use it to find some hidden wire laying plans and water pipes laying plans under the wall.


  • Very easy to setup and operate
  • Simple, extremely compact and portable device
  • Lightweight design
  • 3D imaging system
  • Work with drywall and concrete
  • Support up to 4 inch depth walls
  • Can be use to find leaks
  • Can be use to find location of wires and pipes
  • More than just a stud finder
  • Winner of over 10 BEST Product Awards – ESPN, HGTV, Popular Sci, CES, This Old House!


  • Only compatible with android phones

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