Best Cyclone Dust Collector Reviews 2018

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Best Cyclone Dust Collector Reviews 2018
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Cyclone dust collector is the best option for collecting dust and other debris from commercial and industrial environments. It helps us keep our working environment safe and clean. Specially, Dusty environments is not good for our health. So, If you are working in dusty environments such as woodworking, You should use cyclone dust collector to your own safety.

There are various brand of cyclone dust collectors in the market range of small to big. According to your requirement, You should decide the capacity of the dust collector. In this article, I mainly focus about home shop cyclone dust collectors. Those are not much of big like industrial cyclone dust collector. Also, Not using much of power to operate. But, Capacity enough to clean our home shop dust environment.

Main Types Of Dust Collectors

There are two main types of dust collectors in the market.

  1. Single Stage Dust Collector – This is also called bag dust collectors. Its impeller rotate and suck the large particles like wooden chips through it. But, It has no ability to remove small fine dust particles. Bag dust collectors are cheap. This is the only advantage of single stage dust collectors than cyclone one. Ideal for remove large particles.
  2. Two Stage Dust Collector (Cyclone Dust Collector) – This is used two stage devices to remove dust particles. Initially blower create air cyclone inside the funnel shape drum (Called it cyclone). This is separate large and fine dust particles and drop heavy particles to bin downside of the cyclone. Other fine particles goes stage two device to filter. It separate fine dust and air through dust bags.

How does a cyclone dust collector work?

How does a cyclone dust collector work?

Single stage vs  Cyclone dust collector

When considering both dust collectors, I personally recommended cyclone dust collectors. Because, Cyclone dust collectors have ability to remove fine dust particles also.

Advantages of Cyclone Dust Collector

  • Efficiently clean the air in working areas than single stage dust collectors
  • Excellent choice for that have high levels of dust and airborne irritants
  • Easy maintenance
  • Very easy to operate
  • High durability
  • Ideal for wood, ceramics, paper, aggregates, foods and iron workshops

Top 1o Best Cyclone Dust Collector Reviews

#1: Grizzly G0637 (3-Phase)Dust Collector

Grizzly G0637 3-Phase Cyclone Dust Collector

One of the best cyclone dust collectors for woodworking. Coupled 7.5Hp motor gives it monster power to improve air quality in your work place. Also, With dual filters 3468 CFM of airflow capacity and 14.7″ maximum static pressure this cyclone is ideally suited for mid- to large-sized shops with multiple dust-producing machines running at the same time. It has an innovative air exhaust muffler to reduce noise level without reducing its efficiency. We highly recommended this grizzly cyclone dust collector for your home shop.

Key Features:

  • Motor: TEFC Class “F” 7.5 HP 220V/440V, 3-phase 25A/12.5A
  • Intake hole size: 10″
  • Filter surface area: 261 sq. Feet
  • Impeller: 18″ steel radial fin
  • Air suction capacity: With dual filters 3468 CFM @ 4.3″ SP
  • Maximum static pressure 546-9663
  • 7-Inch maximum static pressure this cyclone is ideally suited for mid- to large-sized shops

#2: Jet JCDC-3 3 hp Dust Collector Kit

Jet JCDC-3 3 hp Cyclone Dust Collector Kit

Jet JCDC – cyclone dust collector is another great option for improve your workshop air quality. It delivers high efficiency when removing dust particles in air. It has three air inlets each 4 inch diameters. So, It is very easy to connect three air inlets coming from three various locations without fixing extra junction. This two stage cyclone dust collector provides more working CFM than comparable horsepower single stage units. Ideal for woodworking debris. It features direct mount filter, a radio frequency remote control and a large collection bin. Direct mount filter has ability to eliminates inefficiencies from ridged flex hosing and bends. Specially, This Jet cyclone dust collector has ability to capture smallest dust particles down to 1 micron and below. There is 66 gallon drum under the cyclone to capture the heavy debris and quick release option. This is perfect cyclone dust collector for home shop or small shop. It uses low power also. 

Key Features:

  • High efficient two stage dust collector 
  • Single phase 3Hp motor with blower
  • Low power usage
  • 66 Gallon heavy debris collection drum & quick release lever and independent casters for quick empty
  • Direct mounted filter eliminates inefficiencies from ridged flex hosing and bends
  • Ability to capture finest dust down to 1 micron and below

#3: Baileigh DC-2100C Cyclone Style Dust Collector

Baileigh DC-2100C Cyclone Style Dust Collector

Another great cyclone dust collector for home shop.  Baileigh cyclone dust collector features 3 hp, 220V motor, 2111 CFM, 63 Gallon drum.

Key Features:

  • 1 micron filter
  • Rolling base and canister
  • Triple 4″ inlet
  • Quick lift barrel release
  • Radio Frequency remote control

#4: Clear Vue Cyclones CV1800LH 18″ diameter, 6″ intake Dust Collection Cyclone kit

Clear Vue Cyclones CV1800LH 18" diameter, 6" intake Dust Collection Cyclone kit

The CV1800 cyclone dust collection system is powerful and efficient. It is ideal for woodworkers, small businesses or other entities in need of fine dust collection. Based on the Bill Pentz cyclone design, the powerful 5HP, 220v Leeson single phase motor coupled with our 15″ backward-inclined blower generates 1,442 cfm. Intake is sized to receive 6″ sewer and drain PVC. Two Wynn NANO filters eliminate 99.999% of the dust down to 0.5 micron, returning the cleaned air right back to your shop.

Key Features:

  • Based on the Bill Pentz design
  • Generates 1,442 cfm – 6″ inlet sized for S&D PVC
  • 220 v, 5HP Leeson single phase motor
  • NANO filters eliminate 99.999% of the dust down to 0.5 micron
  • Requires 96″ installation height. Alternate installations available for lower ceiling heights.

#5: Shop Fox W1823 Portable

Shop Fox W1823 Portable Cyclone Dust Collector

The Portable Cyclone dust collector generates 806 CFM of air movement with a maximum static pressure of 10.4″. Ideal for small workshops. Collected dust is easy to manage when using the 20 gallon drum with casters and plastic bag liners. Viewing window in the canister eliminates any guesswork in determining when it’s time to empty the drum.

Key Features:

  • 1.5 hp, 110-volt/220-volt motor
  • 806 CFM air suction capacity with a maximum static pressure of 10.4-Inch
  • Radio Frequency remote controls switch
  • 20 gallon drum features casters for mobility, quick release lever and plastic bag liners for easy cleaning, and clear window for monitoring internal sawdust level
  • 4 inch by 6 inch Y-adapter provides connection to multiple machines or dust collection accessories

#6: Laguna Tools MDC0680 3 HP Cyclone Auto Clean

Laguna Tools MDC0680 3 HP Cyclone Auto Clean

The Laguna 3HP auto clean cyclone dust collector features automatic cleaning of the filter after each use. A small motor rotates the cleaning aggregate for 30 seconds forward & 30 seconds reverse. This is an advantage in bigger shops or one man shops that demands the ultimate.

The cyclone design allows the wood particles & dust to be separated from the air stream before going to the pleated cartridge filter. This provides superior dust collection & air filtration while the wood particles do not pass through the efficient fan unit. Dust is collected in a 60 gallon metal collection drum which features quick lift levers & separate wheels for quick & easy emptying. A unique feature is the steel frame which allows the disposable bags to stay in place without getting sucked up into the cyclone when empty while ensuring maximum capacity. High Frequency remote control allows you to start/stop the machine from almost anywhere in the shop & does not require line of sight, another benefit to HF controls over laser is that they do not interfere with fluorescent lights. The entire unit is on swiveling casters making it easy to move around your shop.

Key Features:

  • Motor: 3 HP TEFC | Volt: 220 1PH
  • Suction: 2200 CFM – 16.2″ Static Pressure | Sound Rating: 78 dB
  • Inlet: 8″ – 3 x 4″ Splitter 
  • Drum Capacity: 60 Gallon
  • H.F.Remote Control
  • Filter: Pleated Cartridge 1 Micron
  • Size: 47″ x 35″ x 84.5″ ,  Weight (Net/Ship): 397/447 Lbs.

#7: Jet JCDC-2 2 hp

Jet JCDC-2 2 hp Cyclone Dust Collector

Another great JET cyclone dust collector. It features 2Hp motor, two inlets each 4 inch diameter, 30 galloon drum to collect heavy particles, and portability. Ideal two stage dust collector for small workshops.

Key Features:

  • Two stage high efficient dust collector
  • Two air inlets and one air outlet
  • Direct mounted filters
  • Ability to captures smallest particles down to 1 micron and below
  • 30 gallon drum with quick release levers and independent casters for quick emptying

#8: Shop Fox W1816 3 HP

Shop Fox W1816 3 Horsepower Cyclone Dust CollectorThis is perfect portable cyclone dust collector for home shop. It features Steel collection drum with casters, remote controlled magnetic switch, Class F motor, Dual pleated filters with cleaning brushes and Cleaning flaps maximize filter efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Motor: 3 HP TEFC Class F, 220V, single-phase, 22A.
  • Cycle/RPM: 60 Hz/3450 RPM
  • Intake hole size: 8-inch
  • Filter surface area: 90.42 sq. ft. each
  • Impeller size: 14-1/2 inches
  • Air suction capacity: 1489 CFM
  • Maximum static pressure (inches of water): 10.2-inches
  • Sound level: 83 dB
  • Collection drum: 55 gallon, steel

#9: Oneida Mini Gorilla

Oneida Mini Gorilla

Oneida Mini Gorilla is the one of the best cyclone dust collector in this list. This is specially design for small shops. This system is design to collect from one tool at a time and is ideal for use with table saws, miter saws, band saws, jointers, lathes, shapers, planers, routers, disc sanders, belt sanders, drum sanders, and more.

Key Features:

    • Industrial 1.5HP U.S. Made Motor (110V) Integral Fan Blower: 583 Maximum Actual CFM @ 2″ S.P.
    • High-Efficiency Molded SC Resin Cyclone Separator (5″ Inlet)
    • Easy-Clean Filter Dust Port (No Need To Remove The Filter!)
    • Compact, Steel Mobility Stand w/ Locking, Non-Marking Casters
    • Heavy-Duty 22 Gal. Molded Resin SC Dust Container w/ view window
    • 1 Year System Warranty

    #10: Grizzly G0601

    Grizzly G0601 3-Phase Cyclone Dust Collector

    This is another high quality cyclone dust collector with great features.

    Key Features:

    • Motor: TEFC Class “F” 5 HP 220V/*440V 3-phase  Amps: 13
    • Motor: 2 HP Single Phase
    • 9A  Cycle/RPM: 60 Hz/3450 RPM
    • Intake hole size: 10″ with 8″ adapter
    • Switch: Magnetic with remote control
    • Suction capacity: 2184 CFM @ 1.9″ SP
    • Maximum static pressure 546-9663