SOLOSHOT Automatic Tracking Tripod

SOLOSHOT Automatic Tracking Tripod
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SOLOSHOT automatically rotates to keep your camera pointed at you, from a distance, with NO camera operator. Set up your SOLOSHOT tripod, attach your camera, and film all your outdoor exploits: WATER SPORTS: Surfing, wakeboarding, kiteboarding, waterski.

  • Transmitter: Up to 2000 foot range; Extremely durable; Water- and shockproof; No cases to open or close; No battery to take out and charge; Internal rechargeable battery; 5+ hour battery life.
  • Armband: Comfortable; Fits most arm sizes; Elastic; Made of non-corrosive nylon.
  • Tripod: 5 feet tall at full extension; 3 collapsable legs; Collapses down to 2ft; Wide stance option for windy days; SOLOSHOT comes attached but can be removed with special tools if you want to use your own tripod. Please note SOLOSHOT works best with the tripod provided or a similarly sturdy professional tripod with no other pan/tilt head attached. We suggest using SOLOSHOT with the tripod provided.
  • SOLOSHOT is perfect for water sports, motor sports, snow sports, board sports, field sports, photography, film making and equestrian. SOLOSHOT is for outdoor use only.
  • SOLOSHOT Base: Rugged engineering grade ABS polymer enclosure; Security feature allows for locking camera to SOLOSHOT; Freely spins 360 degrees continuously (Tilt manually set at start up); Internal rechargeable battery; 5+ hour battery life; Standard camera mount screw (1/4″); Works with most cameras, from camcorders to SLRs; Super bright LED can be seen from the water so you know SOLOSHOT is still pointing at you (only visible in a narrow band). Charger fits US outlets and works with international outlets up to 240V with standard adaptor (adaptor not included); 9V 1.5A.

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