Premium Traveling Kit – For Travellers

Premium Travel Kit - For Travellers
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Charge your phone at home, in your hotel room, in your car, while hiking or attending a show. This Yubi Power Ultimate Worldwide Traveling kit gives you the perfect charging solution for all your charging needs! Just take this Worldwide traveling with you wherever you go and never get stuck without power on your devices.

Premium Travel Kit - For Travellers

Premium Travel Kit - For Travellers

6000mAh Power bank
Yubi Power 6000mAh power bank will keep you powered while on the go! 6000mAh Will add a few hours of use to your Ipads, Asus Google nexus.. Tablets & Iphones and smartphones During long flights or while away from a power source.

Worldwide USB AC Wall Adapter
This 5V/2.1A USB wall Adapter comes with several countries plugs. A USA, EU, UK plug. So wherever you travel to, you will always be able to charge your devices. Input is 110/220 Voltage.

Rapid Dual 2.1A USB Car Charger
The Dual USB port car charger will let you charge two devices simultaneously. The charger fits snugly into your car’s 12-volt outlet and provides all the juice for call, play, and standby time you’ll need while on the road.

USB Flashlight
The compact USB flashlight has a on/off button, and can be used to read in bed, or search in a dark room. And can be used from the USB port of the power bank. It is a very good gadget to add in your travel bag.

Accessory Cables
The kit includes a 20cm USB to Micro USB cable, and a apple 30pin connector for Iphone 4 4S, and the lightning connector for Iphone 5, 5S, 5C, Ipad Mini.

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