How To Buy Best Kettle – Kettle Guide

How To Buy Best Kettle – Kettle Guide
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Kettle is the necessary equipment in our kitchen to boil the water. It is some kind of pot made by metal.  Normally we called it as tea kettle.  It is use to boil the water for prepare tea or other hot drinks. Various type of  kettles available in the market now a days. Difficult thing is choose correct and best kettle to fulfill our requirement. I remembered, my mother used very old  kettle in our home in my childhood. She used firewood as a fuel. She kept it on the stove with water and prepare very famous  Ceylon tea  for us.

Hamilton Beach K6080 Large Cordless Kettle, 1.8-Liter, BlackFirst of all we need to understand kettle capacity that we want. It is depend on family members or no of  tea cups. If your are living with your wife only like me small kettle is better. It is not sufficient when visitors comes to your home. In that case, large kettle need to prepare tea or coffee for them. In my house, I used one small volume kettle and one large volume kettle. I used small capacity kettle to prepare 2 or 3 no of  tea cups and  large capacity kettle to prepare more than 4 tea cups.  So, I can able to save time and electric current.

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There are two type of kettle model in the market. Those are electric kettle model and non electric stove -top  kettle model. Now a days very easy to supply electric power than firewood and gas. So very popular model is electric kettle among peoples. But If you are traveler,  non-electric stove-top model kettle is the best solution. Because it can be use to boil water any places and no need to current.  Also it is not much heavy like electric model. So you backpack  not much heavy.

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Advantage of using  non electric Stove-top Kettle

  • Safest kettle in the market ( No electrical hazards )
  • No need to electric current
  • It has whistling function to alert boiling point level
  • Easy  to handle
  • Can be use any place

Advantage of using  electric  Kettle

  • Reach boiling point quick time
  • Kettle is automatically off when water reach boiling point
  • No need to stove, firewood, and gas to operate
  • No Carbon dioxide release to environment during operation
  • Very easy to handle and compact size
  • It has water level indicator

Every non electric kettles made using metal because plastic non electric kettles can’t be use on stove.  But electric kettle model made using metal or plastic. It has a electric heater inside. I recommended choose stainless steel model kettle. Because, stainless steel kettle keep the water hot longer than plastic model. Choose your kettle easy to handle shape. Unless more difficult to handle kettle.

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