Curved Smart LG OLED TV – 55EG9100 55-Inch 1080p

Curved Smart LG OLED TV - 55EG9100 55-Inch 1080p
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OLED is the latest technology in TV industry. Meaning of OLED: Organic Light Emitting Diode.  That’s mean, There is carbon film inside the TV to bring high quality images. So Actually, OLED TV is the next big change in entertainment industry. OLED TV has lot of advantages than traditional LED TV such as great image quality, low power consumption, fast response time….etc. Now you have some idea about latest OLED technology. I found, LG is manufacturing great OLED TVs.

In this article, I have introduced to you about one of the best LG OLED TV models. It is LG 55EG9100. This LG TV has 1080p resolution and 55 inch curved screen. People who are prefered  to curved OLED TV, this is the one of the best options. This LG curved TV has great design and performance. The gracefully curved Full HD 1080p screen offers “Perfect Black” for infinite contrast. while LG’s 4 Color Pixel technology enables a broader range of more accurate colors. Its wide viewing angle assures a consistently beautiful picture across the entire screen with virtually no variance. LG’s remarkably thin OLED TV provides new possibility in style and design with a depth as thin as a pencil at its thinnest point. Also, the EG9100 makes it easy to enjoy movies and more from a host of premium content providers like Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, YouTube and Hulu Plus.

Curved Smart LG OLED TV - 55EG9100 55-Inch 1080p

Curved Smart LG OLED TV - 55EG9100 55-Inch 1080p

Curved Smart LG OLED TV - 55EG9100 55-Inch 1080p

Key Features:

  • LG OLED TV uses a revolutionary technology that delivers truly exceptional picture quality.
  • The self-lighting pixels of LG OLED achieve absolute black for infinite contrast.
  • Exceptional picture quality that holds up even from wide viewing angles.
  • Perfect Blacks – Contrast Ratio is considered the key indicator of picture quality. LG OLED TV has self-lighting pixels that can switch off completely to achieve perfect black for infinite contrast, so images come alive with breathtaking detail.
  • Intense Color – LG OLED TV display a wide gamut of accurate colors. And because colors look best against a pure black background, images are now more vibrant and detailed. When you see OLED for yourself, you’ll truly understand.
  • Wide Viewing Angle – LG OLED TV incomparable picture quality holds up even from wide viewing angles– so now everyone can appreciate the color and clarity of OLED from any seat.
  • Design – OLED technology enables a design that is ultra-thin and light. It’s supremely elegant, and as lovely on a tabletop as it is wall-mounted
  • Smart TV – LG webOS TV is designed to be obviously simple, so that it is easier to learn and more fun to use. Now, all you have to do is relax as webOS makes the TV experience simpler than before.
  • Sound – What good is stellar picture without impressive sound to accompany it? Fortunately, LG has included some of its most advanced audio technologies to assure a completely captivating audio/video experience.

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